About Us

We are a global procurement consulting firm and we help connect our international buyers with real suppliers from all over the world. . We are based in Malaysia but our network of contacts and business partners span the globe . By utilizing our own highly developed global database we provide our consulting services specifically to international buyers who are looking for RELIABLE supplier(s) worldwide .

Our firm is growing and we are always open to new strategic alliances with direct buyers, suppliers and  manufacturers. We offer our consulting services by providing companies with unprecedented access to new supply bases from around the world. In other words, we work worldwide for the expansion of our clients' business. As we are NOT a broker or an agent, we highly encourage direct negotiations between both our buyers and sellers. By working directly with our buyers and sellers we are able to offer quality and reliable services they can count on .

We have the experience of working in a broad range of sectors and supply markets, for both large and smaller companies. We are serious professionals and only deal with serious and genuine buyers and sellers . If accessing new and emerging markets through strategic sourcing is a priority for your company, we can help you reduce the cost of supply while maintaining the quality and integrity of the products you are purchasing .

Our consultants are active in the worldwide procurement markets every day. We see market opportunities every day. The proximity to the market enables us to recognize our clients´ requirements early on.  We offer our clients a flexible but up-to-date business approach that puts them ahead of the competition. We have always believed that the satisfied client of today is the best reference of tomorrow .

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